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NPT Pellet mills: for feeds, sawdust, SRF, RDF, digestate, sludge.

Ring die pellet mills. GRP pellet mills.

Heavy duty pellet mills from Nawrocki Pelleting Technology


State-of-the-Art - Efficient - Robust Pellet Mills

The purchase of a new pellet mill is an investment that the buyer intends to return in the shortest possible time. Therefore, the modern pellet mills from NPT’s series GRB and GRP are equipped with the latest technical and electronic solutions. The control software supports a pelleting line, which is optimized for the highest efficiency. That guarantees energy consumption of less than 75 kWh per ton of biofuel from pine and less than 8.5 kWh per ton of poultry feed

Modern technical solutions at the most reasonable price

Pellet mills from the new GR1 and GR2 series have a wide range of standard and optional equipment. Thanks to them, production efficiency can be raised to the maximum.


Similarly, operator safety and the comfort of their work have been raised to a higher level. The changeover time of the pellet mill with QDES.60 reduced by 60% shortens the exchange of the die way below 60 minutes. Pellet mills from the GRA series are equipped as standard with a remote system of gap adjustment between the rollers and the die (ARGAS).


According to EU directives, our machines comply with CE and ATEX


Standard equipment of pellet mills:

  • pelleting press with main drive,

  • conditioner KD stainless steel with a drive,

  • 1 ring die and 2/3 complete rollers,

  • central automatic lubrication system,

  • die replace supporting system,

  • pneumatic distribution system,

  • electric/signal box,

  • set of sensors,

  • manual die/rollers hoist,

  • inner magnetic separator,

  • barrel of grease 180 kg,

  • all bearings SKF,

  • service tools kit,

  • documentation.


The costs of maintenance is as important to the owners of pellet mills as the production costs. Pellet mills from the GR series produced by NPT are distinguished by an extremely durable construction resistant to difficult biomass, plastic, sludge, etc.

  • Virtually zero vibration level extends the life of expensive spare parts (bearings on the main shaft, in rolls),

  • The use of the highest quality components guarantees work without unnecessary stoppages

  • Endress + Hauser sensors, SKF quality bearings

  • Elements of the pelleting chamber made of acid-resistant steel or galvanized

  • The minimum cost of periodic inspections performed by the supplier,

  • Uncomplicated construction of the pelleting unit allows immediate and cost-free execution of most inspections by the internal Maintenance Department

  • Immediate access to the component warehouse, shipment even on the same day

  • Automatic alarming and resetting of the original operating parameters by the remote control control service

  • Free technical support and after-sales support

  • External rollers and dies storage with 24/7 fixed access


An industrial pellet mill requires industrial standards and making. Our models are designed to achieve best performance due to smart solutions and very strong subassemblies.

  • The GR pellet mills are equipped with Single or Double Direct Drive (Single Direct Drive - SDD or Double Direct Drive - DDD). Through direct connection of drive belts, the pelleting unit receives enormous power, which allows pelleting of very difficult raw materials with the expected efficiency.

  • 6-pole, slow-speed 980 rpm; Class IE3

  • The drive unit is based on a massive rotating shaft sleeve mounted in a welded housing. The sleeve allows a large distance between bearings, which reduces pressure and extends their life.

  • 20% larger, powerful main pulley, receives full engine power through a larger number of V-belts. The big rotating wheel mass eliminates the undulation of the load on the motors, which makes our pellet mills more resistant to sudden, temporary overloading of the pelleting unit. This means less losses due to stoppages associated with the unblocking of the pelleting chamber. The pulleys are electronically balanced, which guarantees zero beating and vibration.

  • No vibrations and quiet operation,

  • V-type drive belts are widely available and are cheap. Their exchange takes a maximum of 120 minutes once every few years.

  • Long lifetime is guaranteed by the sanded surface of the grooves on the pulley and the Automatic Anti-Slip Belt Drive System (ASBS) with physical and software control of the engine speed and pulley compliance.

  • Strong construction in combination with Single or Double Direct Drive and a heavy-duty pulley enables the use of dies with a large work surface, which has a direct impact on the productivity of the granulator and increase its production size by 1.5-2.0%

  • The highest quality bearings of the pelleting unit are selected so as to transfer the power of the motors to the die in the most efficient way possible.

  • Temperature sensors and belt slip sensors in standard,

  • The reinforced overload clutch designed to work with the non-slip system has a high activation threshold, which allows the pellet mill to be loaded even above the standard performance level.

  • Easy die exchange and centering due to the conical die holder

  • Pellet mill components that are the most heavily loaded have been designed in a reinforced and oversized version for safe and efficient operation.

  • rigid welded construction, placed on the robust frame,

  • box-like construction with motors mounted on adjustable height plates for correct belt tensioning,

  • stiffness guaranteed by a modern design based on calculations and over forty years of experience,

  • huge shaft of standing shaft with widely spaced bearings increases their lifetime up to 4 years,

  • on the body installed manual or electric lift for mounting die and rolls,

  • at the back of the door with safety devices that prevent access to the drive unit, electrical and signal box, pneumatic island to unauthorized personnel,

  • pellet press body ready for integration with a conditioner (or two) or steryliser,

  • 4 or 6 vibroinsulators guarantee reduction of vibrations to a minimum

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