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Full automatic work control - AIAC

Inteligent Pellet Mill Operator

Active Capacity Optimisation System


Automatic Work Control in Production Lines

Pellet mills from NPT - the GR series and production lines of pellets are equipped with the latest technical solutions widely supported by software. They aim to increase productivity and efficiency. We know that every professional producer of feeds and pellets from other feedstocks excels at making the maximum use of the machines for the purpose of producing as much as possible, of a product with the highest possible quality

Pellet Mill or Pelleting Line Automatic Control System

The human mind reacts in a fraction of a second, but the diagnosis of the event and making the right decision will take another few seconds full of emotions. Interaction with the control computer is an additional time after which in most cases it is too late to sustain the continuity of production. To block the die, it suffices for 2-3 seconds of motor overload.


For comparison, a computer with the IRSC system analyzes data from the entire granulation line 200 times per second. The advanced system makes decisions within 50ms. The total time required to issue orders to devices and the response of devices to orders is less than 0.5 sec in total. In the vast majority of cases, it prevents the production from stopping, reacting in the most appropriate way. In addition, after the incident, the IRSC analyzes the collected data and makes a decision to adjust the settings to avoid a similar situation during further production. It gives an increase in annual productivity by 2-5%.


Developed by NPT since 2002, the original AIAC granulator control system (Automintel Automatic Control) significantly increases the efficiency and performance of the granulator and granulating unit (granulation lines), through advanced intelligent software that manages the operation of the granulator or production line. The individual control programs are responsible for all the granulator units and respond appropriately in the event of any deviation from the standard programmed values. The integration of AIAC with mechanical solutions reduces consumable costs, consumables exchange costs (SMED) and unstable temporal load costs.


Inteligent Pellet Mill Operator - IPMO

The original program, which was created in cooperation with Automintel - it is intended to replace the operator's experience. The pelleting of raw materials - especially those that change - requires an experienced operator. Some gain experience in just one year. Others need many years of learning. An experienced pellet mill operator is a valued and often irreplaceable employee.

The IPMO system has been equipped with the experience of many engineers to serve throughout their lifetime. Our Intelligent Pellet Mill Operator knows how to run-in a new die, rolls, how to recognize the raw material, how to choose the temperature, how to work on the cold and on the hot die, how to quickly achieve the best performance and without unnecessary risk. Our software knows how to react to hundreds of problems and events.

Active Capacity Optimization System - ACOS

This is another system cooperating with the AFR system, whose task is to ensure continuous performance over optimal efficiency. In the production of biomass, the program automatically selects the work parameters of feeders and additional components, with constantly changing raw materials. In the production of feed, ACOS optimizes steam and water supply to achieve the process temperatures resulting from the recipe.

The system handles the operation of a cold pellet mill, selects the starting parameters itself and reacts to any disturbances in the load on the pellet mill engines. If the situation requires it, it will stop the machines, clean them, check their clogging, and then start again safely to achieve optimal efficiency in the shortest possible time. After depleting the material, it recognizes idle movement and protects the granulator against wear or prepares the line for another, soft start.

NPT Pellet Mill GRB1 550 Wood Biomass

Automatic Feedstock Recognition – AFR

The software integrated with automatic control systems, whose task is to identify the raw material in terms of so-called difficulties of pelleting, identification of raw material changes - even continuous ones, as in the case of biomass pelleting, recognition of new rolls, die and changes in mechanical settings.

Automatic Safety System ASAFE

Pellet mills manufactured by industry leaders, have a set of sensors and inverters that - with appropriate interpretation - affect the lifetime and safety of use. The ASAFE system will make a flawless decision in a fraction of a second, after receiving information from sensors about the wrong condition of the device or the threat. Systems of this type are the required elements of the automation when it comes to the recognition of the guarantee by the manufacturer.

  • Remote Service And Diagnostics System RSDS

  • SCADA visualization system,

  • Work system in manual MWM mode (Manual Work Mode),

  • Automation integrated with the INTEGRA production line.


Antislipery Belt System ASBS

Securing drive belts against slipping through a physical rotation sensor integrated with the AIAC system. In addition, it enables safe and controlled achievement of the maximum possible efficiency. The operator can experiment with the raw material and manually increase the load on the pellet mill to a value higher than the threshold parameters specified in the automation. Thanks to this, you can increase your annual production by as much as 2% - 4%. This translates into an additional thousand tons, your specific profit and a faster return on investment.


Intelligent Roller Slippery Control - IRSC

Active system, designed to quickly detect and eliminate deviations and downtime associated with roller skidding. The system can not be replaced by even the best pellet mill operators. The operator's experience - even for many years and with full commitment to the work done, does not make a man faster in reactions, than the integrated IRSC system.

NPT Pellet Mill Rollers and ARGAS

Integrator of Management Priorities APRIO

The authorial model of software design controlling production lines, which assumes priority of importance for each order issued to executive devices.


The system is indispensable for a peaceful cooperation between a man and a machine. Since the everyday life of a production line is to issue hundreds of commands, it happens repeatedly that there are conflicting decision makers. Sometimes "better" is the computer, sometimes "man" knows better. Each case is different, but everyone can affect the safety of man or machine. Therefore, the final decision is taken by the Integrator of Management Priorities, which leaves the operator the possibility to decide almost everything. This "almost" results precisely from the principles of security.


Free software upgrading

As part of the guarantee, we encourage all of our existing customers to update their control software free of charge and equip their devices with modern technological solutions that save time and money.

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