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Wood & Agri biomass pelleting plants

Low operating costs count most


Nawrocki Pelleting Technologies is a general supplier of technologies for turn-key pelleting plants. 


We deliever complete technologies and offer selected solutions, all adjusted to financial means and housing conditions of our Customer. However, we produce only three machines: pellet mills, coolers and screenings (not always used). Narrow specialization is the key to our success.


Nawrocki has been cooperating with his reliable Partners since 2002. Each of them focuses on the extension and production of only few appliances. Therefore, we have time to make a perfect project and to build our machines that  work efficiently for you.  


Our most popular plants reach capacity at 5 t/h – 6 t/h. The pelleting process is based on two pellet mills and on typically two-stage shredding system. As a standard, we equip plants with a system of central dedusting on a pulsating filter and with full automation of production processes.   

We always use the simplest technological solutions of low failure frequency. What is more, the solutions applied for our machines consider the best technologies and are an effect of many years of practice. Each plant is fully automated and a number of operators are minimized.  

Advantages which matter

  • relatively low power consumption,

  • efficiency limited only by the quantity of the available raw material,  

  • complete project and delivery of machines and services,

  • guarantee of the state-of-the art pellets production,

  • always perfect ratio of the price to efficiency and quality,  

  • flexible approach to financial means and housing conditions,

  • effective and tested in practice technological solutions,

  • strengthened structures,

  • fully automated production processes with computer visualisation  

  • the ATEX version at the request,

  • module structure with possibility of extension. 

Delivery scope

  • straw shredding lines,

  • wood chipping lines,

  • drying lines for biomass,

  • grinding systems for feed mixing plants,  

  • feed mixing systems,

  • fluid component dosing lines,

  • additional component dosing systems,

  • macrocomponent dosing and weighing lines,

  • microcomponent dosing and weighing lines,

  • lines for dosing fats, molasses, etc

  • pulsating filters and central systems for dust aspiration,

  • structures for pelleting lines,

  • big-bag loading system with scales or without,

  • fans, cyclones, air locks, pipes,

  • magnetic separators; fast cleaning or standard,

  • pneumatic destoners for hammer mills, 

  • pellet mill buffer containers,  

  • transport appliances,

  • semi-automatic lines for big-bag and bag packaging

  • full automatic packaging lines with robots.

  • Above: Hammer mill BMB 920.45, max 2 tph for wood
  • Left: Dust filter for pellets plant, max. 2.5 tph

Flexibility in solutions and feedstocks

We can design any pellet plant for most feedstocks.​

Capacity from 0,8 t/h with one pellet mill GR2 420.075 up to 10 tph with GRB2 750.264. We offer also pelleting modules based on 2 pellet mills 750 or 850 with capacities like 10 - 15 - 20 tph. 

Friendly for environment

Our plants are safe for environment because we use the most advanced and efficient dust filtering and returning systems.

All machines which may generate dust are connected to the central dedusting system. Its heart is a pneumatic dust filter with a system of tubes. The dust is collected in the filter and later it is transported back to the pelleting section of the factory.

This prevents from unnatural dust escape and over polluting of the surrounded area of the pelleting plant.


 RDF/SRF, plastic, foam pellets factories

RDF/SRF: Latest technology for new fuels


Nawrocki Pelleting Technologies has developed machines and pelleting technology for new feedstocks like many types of plastics and mixtures of it with others.

RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) are relatively new feedstocks for pelletizing industry. Pellets are used in incineration plants, power plants, cement factories and other places where such a high calorific fuels can be combusted.

Similarily plastic from automotive industry, in the recycling process, can be used later in a pelleting plant. 

MSW: Municipal Solid Waste


We also design densification technologies for a difficult raw material like MSW. Such system contains many sections for pollutions separation that keep operators and machines safe.

If MSW is your feedstock it is crucial to know the components and find out optimal machines. 

Plastic pelleting technology​


This kind of raw material requires different machines than agri or wood biomass.

We designed special solutions to make sure, that processing runs smoothly and with assumed capacities. We are aware how hard is achieving both, the capacity and quality of pellets, so we adjust extremely precisely the technology, machines, devices, their sizes and power.

The natural pollutions can be dangerous for machines and operators, what requires the best protection systems. The pelleting factory is stuffed with state-of-the-art magnetic separators, destoners and pneumatic transport systems. Sparkle detectors and automatic fire extinguishers are most recommended optional equipment.

Pelleting modules


Plastic and RDF pelleting plants are built in modules of 2 pellet mills - GRB2 750 or GRB2 850.

Depending on the feedstock the capacities of a module reach from 3 tph to 5 tph. To determine the power and pellet mills please contact our Sales Department through our Inquiry Form.

⎋ Digestates

Add value to your biogas plant


A pelletized digestate can bring a new stream of profits for your biogas plant. 

A regular 500kW biogas plant generates about 10 000 tons of digestate per year. In areas reach in such plants utilizing of digestate as a fertilizer is very hard to perform. Pelleting is the right solution, because pellets can be easily transported at low cost.

1000 tons of wet (70%) wet fibres after drying gives about 350 tons of a 15% moisture feedstock ready for pelleting. This process is worth deep considering, especially when environmental subsidies apply. 

Nawrocki Pelleting Technology delivers turnkey plants for digestate up to 10 - 12 tph. We supply full projects at a very attractive conditions and short delivery times. Send a filled in inquiry for biomass, and we will provide you with the optimal solution.

New fuel or natural fertilizer


Digestate pellets next to wood pellets offer similar calorific value: 15 MJ/kg to 17 MJ/kg. The mechanical properties of the digestate lets densify it up to 700 kg/m3 next to 640 kg/m3 for wood pellets at similar durability of about 99%. 

This new generation pellets can be used both as an ecological fuel or organic fertilizer.

Non-rural use of digestate pellets:

  • combustion,

  • torrefaction,

  • gasification,

  • pyrolysis.

Advantages of digestate pellets used as fertilizer

  • easy to handle,

  • low odour,

  • low transport cost to a field and on fields,

  • easy to doze on field in regular spreader,

  • no significant changes to organic carbon amount

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