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Conditioner for pellet mills. Conditioners. Conditioning systems.

Conditioners for feeds. Feedstocks conditioning.

Mixing feeds with steam. Stainless steel conditioners.


Effective mixing of feeds with steam or fluids

Conditioners mix the process steam with the raw material in order to heat it up and to moisten it, for the raw materials are better pelleted. In the case of feed, phytosanitary conditions are improved. As a standard they have a steam connection with a diameter of 1 "to 2.5" and are adapted to work with the Steam Reduction and Stabilization Unit, which automatically doses the steam depending on the capacity of the pellet mill

SS – Stainless steel

HI – Heat Insulation

High energy efficiency

  • Dedicated Steam Reduction and Stabilization Team working under the control of AIAC always guarantees the optimal dose of steam for each ton of feed or other raw material,

  • Heating temperature of the raw material up to 87oC-90oC,

  • Energy consumption below 1 kWh / t,

  • Effective penetration of loose feed by efficient steam injection mounted directly at the conditioner inlet,

  • Multi-injection of steam causes the highest multi-point temperature absorption,

  • Properly positioned at different angles, the blades mounted on the main shaft efficiently mix and move the raw material with steam, water or other component in the body (eg molasses),

  • Adjustable conditioning time to achieve optimal saturation,

  • It is possible to use many cascade conditioners,

  • The technological steam and other liquid additives are introduced through a connection nozzle equipped with a manually operated shut-off valve.


Low operating costs and long life

  • Body made of 0H18N9T stainless steel, 4-6 mm thick,

  • Bearing on its own reinforced bearings

  • Galvanized main bearings sleeves,

  • SKF bearings or other highest quality.

  • Seal preventing leakage, guaranteeing full hygienic safety.

  • Double or triple inspection doors, hinged; secured with screws against unauthorized opening; they are equipped with opening signaling sensors.

  • Paddles: Properly designed blades with easy and quick angle adjustment mix raw material with steam precisely and effectively. They are made entirely of stainless steel. Balanced to eliminate beatings.

  • Main shaft: structural steel with an increased amount of chromium, optionally stainless steel.

  • Insulation: All conditioners for feed are insulated with heating mats.

  • Drive: belt through gearmotor; constant speed

Safe animal feeds production

  • Made of stainless steel (body and blades),

  • Full tightness of connections with the screw feeder and pellet mill inlet,

  • Possibility of feed quality control due to the variable blade angle for different recipes,

  • The frequency inverter can be used for the main drive,

  • Raw material temperature sensor on the discharge from the conditioner,

  • Adjusting the amount of steam feed, based on the temperature of the raw material measured on the conditioner discharge,

  • For feeds, a temperature sensor together with a pneumatic self-cleaning system (programmed frequency),

  • Through the AIAC system, full integration of the control with the pellet mill, screw feeder, sterilizer and the Steam Reduction and Stabilization Team,

  • Programmed feed temperature limitation when recipes containing enzyme (AIAC) are sterilized.

Optional equipment

  • a steam manifold with multiple injection points,

  • extra dosing nozzles for additional liquid components,

  • fi100 connector to remove excess steam (applies to biofuels),

  • an additional one or two conditioners working in the cascade (vertical or diagonal configuration).

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