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Crumblers for animal feeds.

Crumblers for rape seeds.

Crumblers for soya.


The best alternative for microgranules and low production costs

NPT designs crumblers for pelleted animal feeds, which perfectly replace the way in the production of a micropellets with a diameter of 1.8 mm - 2.2 mm. We use specially cut rolls that effectively crumble feeds, but do not crush it. The KBNR and KBNS series crushers effectively crush rapeseed or soybeans, which becomes a feed component right away.

Crumblers for animal feeds

Two-rollers and four-roller crumblers for pelleted animal feeds reduce the size of the pellets and produce crumbles for chicks. Crumbles are a full equivalent of loose and pelleted feeds, with the difference that its production is at least 80% cheaper than a 2.0 mm - 2.8 mm diameter micropellets. The chicks absorb the micropellets and crumb perfectly, but the reduction of production costs is extremely important for feed and poultry producers.

Efficient size reduction

  • Minimal operating costs due to solid construction and high efficiency,

  • Full performance range from 4 t/h to 36 t/h,

  • Power consumption for the model up to 36 t/h below 39 kWh,

  • A separate engine for each pair of rollers,

  • Instant change of the gap size in less than 5 seconds,

  • Gap adjustment range 0.5 mm - 3.0 mm,

  • Optional automatic gap adjustment from the computer [with visualization of set values],

  • No need to use encoders (only PCID sensors),

  • Innovative mechanism for uniform adjustment of the distance of the rollers along the entire length,

  • Mechanism protecting against incorrect skew of rollers,

  • Moving feeding roller with roller retraction mechanism for foreign objects,

  • Welded construction with vibration reduced to practically zero,

  • Quiet and low cost belt drive, with quick replacement system.

Compact design with the full equipment

  • Sizes 30% smaller than the competition,

  • Very low height, eg. only 960 mm with a capacity of up to 36 t/h,

  • Built-in pellets feeder with its own drive,

  • Special construction of the feeder with oblique blades (also for soybeans),

  • Built-by bypass for feeds other than poultry,

  • One inlet and paddle feeder for the version with two and four rollers,

  • Diameter of rollers 160 mm and 220 mm,

  • Roller lengths 1000 mm, 1400 mm and 1600 mm,

  • 2 or 4 crumbling rollers,

  • Rollers notches: straight and slant guarantee the highest crushing efficiency,

  • Minimal amount of dust and sifting due to the highest quality rolls,

  • Safe probe for sampling crumbles,

  • The size of the emergency opening is 20 mm and 25 mm

  • Compressed air installation required.


Mechanical integration in the pelleting line

  • Minimum dimensions of a complete crumbler allow installation in a place of any type of an existing crusher,

  • Lack of protruding drive elements, covers, sensors etc. gives the possibility of mounting even in narrow and low rooms,

  • Full tightness of connections with a cooler or a screw feeder,

  • Work in tandem with a 2OCP coolers and other manufacturers’ coolers,

  • Possibility to adapt the inlet and outlet to the existing conditions,

  • Possibility to connect with a screw conveyor of any design,

  • Possibility of installing a system of continuous control of the production volume of crumbled and pelleted products

  • Ability to choose work with crumbling function or without [by-pass] with just "one click".

Work automation

  • AIAC control software,

  • Remote control of the gap size from the control room,

  • Easy integration with existing pelleting lines,

  • Electrical box mounted on the crusher body,

  • By-pass remotely or locally controlled.

Crumbling rollers

  • Low operating costs due to long service life,

  • Durable steel alloy resistant to mechanical wear,

  • Special technology for casting rollers and hardening,

  • Slanting and straight incisions, possible individual design,

  • Unnoticeable vibrations due to perfect balance,

  • Very easy and quick replacement of rollers (and drive belts),

  • Low cost of regeneration of used rollers.

Crumblers KBNx/WR for rape seeds

Crushed rape is an increasingly popular feed component. Its appropriate mechanical processing maximizes its most desirable properties from the nutritional point of view. NPT manufactures crumblers for rapeseed - KBN / R series - with capacities up to 3 t/h and up to 5 t/h. Optional remote control system.

Crumblers KBNx/S for soybeans

Soybeans, like rapeseed, in the crushed form, are used by food technologists, as well as crumbled oilseed rape. We offer a series of crushers that thoroughly crush soy.  

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