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▒ Refurbishing of ring and flat dies

Reasons for refurbishing

A refurbished die brings many benefits like

  • longer lifetime,

  • increase of throughput and productivity,

  • higher quality of pellets, 

  • lower production costs.

Refurbishing lengthens its lifetime, which increases economical value and lower manufacturing costs.

In the refurbishing process we remove the remained raw material, we polish and redo the working surface, we remove foreign metal inclusions and we renew the inlet cones. All these operations make the dies look and work practically like new.

Refurbishing and modifying of dies

The whole range of services with ring and flat dies cover:

  • refurbishing of working surface,

  • compression ratio reduction,

  • repairing of the working surface,

  • renewing of the inlet cones,

  • redesigning of the inlet cones,

  • removing broken bolts.

If you happen to order a die, which doesn't fit your feedstock, contact us. Perhaps we can help and make the die ready to work.

The economics of refurbishing 


Statistically 90% of all our customers refurbishes a die at least once. There is an economical sense of this process for a properly exploited die because it extends its life by 30% - 60% depending of the wear level. 

Next to the refurbishing cost of 17% - 25% of the initial price, all the benefits explain the purposefulness of the process. 

Oversized rollers for refurbished dies


In the case of considerable die wear it is necessary to remove even up to 6 mm of the inner surface of die.


A die with a reduced diameter requires rollers with bigger diameter for the gap adjustment: oversized rollers. In such a case nominal rollers will not reach the minimal distance to a die, and pelletising process can be impossible to start.

Ask for oversized rollers for refurbished dies.

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