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Industry 4.0 in feed mills and pellets plants.

Automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

Automation systems for biomass production


Intelligent automatic Machine & Production management systems

Industry 4.0 is the concept introduced in 2011, defining a new approach to intelligent control processes, integration of mechanics and automation in combination with the possibilities of the Internet and information technologies.

Simply put, factories and production lines are becoming more intelligent and independent of people. They will use multidirectional communication, common databases and procedures - they will create their own "social networks". It is estimated that the use of solutions dedicated to Industry 4.0 will increase the production level by 30% and a decrease in production costs by 25%.

At NPT, we are aware of the benefits of Industry 4.0: on the one hand, these are challenges, on the other, a completely new quality and capabilities of production systems. Their potential should not be ignored in an era of cost reduction, which are about to be or not to be of any production company.


The progress of information technology towards self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence has allowed us to extend our offer with fully automatic control systems and intelligent machine management systems. The cooperation of our IT specialists, automation engineers, mechatronics, engineers and most importantly users allowed us to create a complete control system compliant with I4.0.


Thus, we provide you with a range of new and modern control systems. Together, they form an excellent foundation and introduce the production in accordance with Industry 4.0.

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