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Vibrating sifters for pellets.

Screening machines.

Vibrating screens.


Clean pellets without dust and crumbs

Cleaning pellets from unwanted crumbs and dust is an indispensable process in order to obtain the highest pellets of any type. It is extremely important to remove dust from the pellets, which under certain conditions may be the cause of explosion and require additional expensive explosion-proof solutions

Flexibility in the work

  • Capacity from 1 t/h to 30 t/h,

  • It is possible to use 1, 2 or 3 sieves (screens),

  • Up to three size fractions depending on the production technology,

  • Additional 4th fraction for large waste (lumped feed or other raw materials); discharged into a separate container.

  • High efficiency of cleaning pellets and sowing of sifting,

  • Excretion of gravitational sifting or by pneumatic transport system,

  • Aspiration system for central dust filter or the Returning and Dosing System (DRDS).

Design and equipment

  • The distributor of the stream eliminating unfavorable feeding of the raw material to the chute,

  • Flap thickness of the screened feedstock, enabling equal, on the entire width of the body, distribution of the raw material before putting it on the sieve,

  • A series of inspection points for manual collection and control of the fraction sifted,

  • Two vibrators with the possibility of full vibration power regulation, adjusted to the required operating parameters,

  • Vibrators mounted parallelly in the bottom of the body on a strong welded base (20mm sheet),

  • Springs selected for highly efficient screening of all types of pellets,

  • Spring bases attached to the frame on centering rings, which can be easily installed on any existing frame,

  • Standard or individually designed strong support frame, depending on the available height,

  • Individual outlets of individual fractions (biomass and other raw materials possible).


Fast screen exchange

  • Easy access to pre-stretchers at the back of the screens,

  • Quickly removable large covers along the entire width of the screen,

  • Hooks released manually, without the use of additional tools,

  • Simple construction and easy-to-use tensioning of sieves based on the drum-arm principle.

Returning and Dozing System - DRDS

  • Full dozing control of the returned and screened dust into the dozing screw before a conditioner (recommended),

  • No uncontrolled danger of filling the pellet mill with dust (possible blockage),

  • A tank with a capacity of approximately 1m3 with construction, selected individually; two level sensors Endress + Hauser (bottom and top),

  • A set of metal pipelines and connectors included,

  • Individually selected parameters of the screw conveyor receiving the screened dust (one or two inspection hatches, overflow / blocking sensor),

  • Individually selected parameters of the screw feeder and the size and shape of the discharge,

  • Compatible with the AIAC system.


Dust Pneumatic Return and Dozing System

  • Designed especially for pellet factories for biomass and other raw materials,

  • Effective return of the screened dust to the central dust filter (usually a pulse filter),

  • The screw feeder behind the filter airlock transports dust to the selected device with controlled capacity (depending on the configuration and technology of the production line).

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