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NPT pellet mills - Industrial Making, Industrial Capacity

Replace a ring die in less than 40 minutes

Rapid Die Replacement

Quality, Safety, Hygiene

Minimize the risk of machine damage and operator injury

Industry 4.0 guarantees higher production security with an intelligent software that automatically controls the operation of the pellet mill and production lines. Unfortunately, IT solutions will be of little value if the machines are not equipped with technical and mechanical solutions that will support the software in everyday operation and use of the granulator and other machines. Particularly important are the considerations related to the quality and purity of feed - production hygiene.

Main features

  • The inner surface of the cover of the pelleting chamber is made of flat elements. Cleaning is very easy and fast. In a special version, the cover of the pelleting chamber is heat insulated outside.

  • Mechanical tight integration with the sterilizer (hygienizer) enables the production of feed without external impurities.

  • Scrapers adjustable in 2 axes enable precise orientation of the stream of raw material for rollers,

  • Two knives mounted on the cover allow for adjustment of the pellets length from the outside without opening the cover; optional extra 2 knives (4 in total in some models) guarantee the highest precision in the desired length of pellets

  • The steam trap prevents steam from returning to the conditioner,

  • A fat spraying unit on die (for a hot pellets); 2 nozzles with a dosing system and pump,

  • The molasses dispensing unit for the conditioner,


High efficiency and quality for individual recipes

  • The hardness and quality of the pellets and the performance of the pellet mill are the three most important parameters associated with the pelleting process. Obtaining the highest and optimal values is possible due to the appropriate selection of the die parameters for specific recipes.


Anti-Corrosion Package

  • For raw materials with a high degree of corrosiveness (oak, sludge, etc.), we recommend the Anti-Corrosion Package, which guarantees resistance to rusting of the pellet mill elements exposed to the aggressive action of the raw material, especially at high granulation temperature.


Self-Cleaning Feedstock Thermometer - SCFT

  • In order to guarantee an accurate read-out of the raw material temperature at the conditioner outlet, an optional temperature sensor is installed. Its cleaning is automatically preformed (by a pneumatic system) and is programmed in AIAC.

Stainless steel

  • The critical parts of the pellet mill that are in contact with the raw material are made of stainless steel. The carbon steel in contact with the raw material quickly rusts, which results in rapid wear of the press elements subjected to the simultaneous action of high temperature as well as some components, e.g. salt, acids. However, stainless steel guarantees the highest degree of feed purity and long life in contact with aggressive raw materials such as salts, oak sawdust and contaminated sewage sludge.

  • From stainless steel is also made conditioner, sterilizer and SSE (Stabilizing Screw Extractor). Stainless steel shaft making is also available.


Pelleting Chamber Heating Insulation - PCHI

  • Cover made of high quality, highly resistant to mechanical damage of heating mats reduces the loss of appropriate temperature obtained in the conditioner.


Pelleting Chamber Electric Heating - PCEH

  • For the most demanding feed producers, we recommend the optional electric heating system for the pelleting chamber cover. Thanks to it, the feed is transported to the pelleting chamber without loss of heat. Available only with PCHI.

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