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45 & 18

Pellet mills pelleting plants for feeds - producer

miniPelleters are half-industrial pellet mills for manufacturers of pellets from biomass, animal feeds and other feedstocks. 


miniPelleters are made of the highest quality parts produced in the European Union. 


They are made on our production line in Poland. They are European in 100%, which determines innovativeness and is an effect of 40 years’ experience in pelleting. 

They have a completely new structure planned for effective operation. 

  • miniPelleter 18 Generation 2 with optional conditioner

Small pellet mills, great possibilities

What can the miniPelleter 18 do for you?

It can produce good quality pellets from biomass. From wood dust, straw, hay – the list is long. It can also produce feeds for chickens, swine, cattle, horses, rabbits, etc.   

Using a 12-diameter die whose hole is even 180mm long, you will produce perfect feeds for fish.  


In one word: miniPelleters will produce for you a product that you will sell successfully. And you and your company will earn measurable money.

mP 18 can be easily integrated with your pelleting line

The structure of miniPelleters enables any adjustment in the present pelleting line.


The round inlet of the pelleting chamber can be combined with every worm feeder or conditioner. If you need a square one, you’ll get it.

The high placed dump part of the pellet mill makes it possible 
to join most conveyors for receiving pellets. 


It is no problem if you have to put your pellet mill higher. Just take down the wheels and put it on the structure. It’s easy.

Power supply confines to plugging the machine in or to the power supply cabinet. 

No more breakdowns

We have designed miniPelleters for your satisfaction and unfailing operation.

They are equipped with a professional, industrial drive, identical with that used by large pellet plants. They provide operation for 10-18 hours daily if you run them in the proper way. It means 3,000 hours of profitable production per year.    

Your target is to produce and sell and not to repair and fight for your guarantee rights with a seller. 

Advanced in simplicity. Reliable in action.


Have you ever considered what an advanced construction is?   

We shall prompt you: it is not a machine filled with technology. It is an uncomplicated construction with an endless quantity of elements.

mP 18 is an effect of engineers’ work and many years of experience.  
It is a fully simplified pelleting set with logically adjusted details in minimal quantity. 


Our designers have thought about everything. They simplified and strengthened the construction and optimized parameters. They did a whole lot of work.


miniPelleters are technological masterpieces, where simplicity counts. You will appreciate it soon.

A drive and a gear

Capacity and reliability of miniPelleters is not only the effect of specified construction. The applied components also deserve credit.


You receive a drive and a gear only from leading European manufacturers (Nord or Bonfiglioli). They guarantee many years of stable operation.

The engines 45 and 18.5 kW along with an adjusted gear make an ideal pair, allowing efficient pelleting of the most difficult raw materials.


There won’t be any problem with your raw material, either.

Consumables and Spare Parts

We know how important it is to have a fast access to supplies.

Rollers, scrapers and other repeating elements are available 
in our warehouse on the same day.


Our Clients appreciate the fact that 100% of mechanical elements 
for miniPelleters are manufactured in our plant in Znin, Poland. 

We do not depend on any sub-suppliers. We are independent. 
And you are also independent.

As regards dies, we manufacture them within 14 - 21 days. They are ready to be sent on the eighth day. Isn’t that great? In practice, the ordered die will be delivered to your pelleting plant in two weeks’ time.

This is both operational and logistic mastery.

Easy dosage of raw material

mPs are equipped with a conical raw material tank as a standard 
as well as with a dosage for pelleting chamber. 

The dosage ranges from 1 to 10, which provides immediate adjustment of the raw material speed flow. The range is also used for programming pelleting of your raw materials. Just observe how the miniPelleters operates, check the current quality of pellets and define the size of flow for the best quality.

The return to these data frees operators from the necessity of time consuming tests to check every time if the flow is suitable enough 
to receive the best quality pelleted mass.


You save time and money.

Standard equipment

  • Conical raw material feeder (mP18),

  • Magnetic separator,

  • Raw material speed dosing control (mP18),

  • Pelleting press with the control panel,  

  • Power supply module Star-Delta,

  • 18,5kW or 45kW engine with a gear,

  • 1 flat die,

  • 2 (mP18.G2) or 3 (mP45) complete rollers,

  • Tool kit,

  • Power supply cable,

  • Documentation.

Raw materials

Biomass, digestate, RDF/SRF

Type: in practice every biomass of agricultural or wood origin,  
Particle size: depending on the hole of a die, e.g.

  • fi6.0: 0.5-4.0 mm,

  • fi8.0: 0.5-5.0 mm.


Moisture: depends on the type of raw material:

  • Optimal: app.11-13%,

  • Important: define the moisture while observing the capacity and the quality of the pelleted mass.  



Type: in practice every loose feed mixture, 
Particle size: standard for loose feeds,
Moisture: standard for loose feeds.

  • miniPelleter 18 Generation 2: Plug & Play

Capacity for miniPelleter 18


Approximate capacity of the warmed up machine with a run-in die


  • Softwood:       200-270 kg/h

  • Hardwood:     150-200 kg/h

  • Straw, hay:     180-200 kg/h

  • Digestate:      250 - 300 kg/h

  • SRF/RDF:       200 - 250 kg/h

  • Poultry feed:  400-600 kg/h

  • Pig feed:        250-350 kg/h

  • Cattle feed:   150-200 kg/h

  • Fish feed:      350-550 kg/h

Capacity for miniPelleter 45


Approximate capacity of the warmed up machine with a run-in die


  • Softwood:       350-450 kg/h

  • Hardwood:     300-400 kg/h

  • Straw, hay:     350-400 kg/h

  • Digestate:      400 - 500 kg/h

  • SRF/RDF:       350 - 450 kg/h

  • Poultry feed:  800 -1200 kg/h

  • Pig feed:        500-700 kg/h

  • Cattle feed:    300-400 kg/h

  • Fish feed:       700-1100 kg/h

  • miniPelleter 45 Generation 1 at the EuroTier 2016 Exhibition in Hannover

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