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Industry 4.0 - Automatic Production Lines for Feeds and Pellets

Feed Mills. Pellets production lines with full automatic control

Pellet Mill Control Panel


Mechanics + Technology + IT

IT support (software) would not be possible without the use of physical systems built of highly durable mechanical and electronic executive, measuring and analytical elements. Pellet mills and other devices have numerous sensors and meters that control the state of systems and assemblies. The signals are analyzed by the intelligent Automatic Granulator Control System (AIAC) and control the individual processes in real-time with electronic executive components. In this way, the system reacts immediately to any deviations from the programmed values. What's more, in the ARGAS system the software supervises the appropriate settings depending on the composition of specific feed mixtures or other raw materials, using a wide base of recipes.

Quick Die Exchange System – QDES.60

The Quick Die Exchange System shortens the time to exchange the die - below one hour. QDES.60 is a system of rapid centering and clamping of the die to the rotary shaft. It is realized by means of four fixed centering jaws that fix the position of the die axis with the axis of the rotary shaft and the front plane of the rotary shaft perpendicular to the axis of the rotating shaft. The die is released from the jaws through the hydraulic pump in a few seconds, after unscrewing only a dozen or so fastening screws. QDES.60 allows you to disassemble the hot die, while maintaining appropriate security measures, without losing time often associated with the need to at least partially cool it down.

Central Automatic Lubrication System - CALS

Central Automatic Lubrication System reliefs operators with the arduous duty to ensure that the pelleting unit is properly protected with grease. It is built of a progressive valve, a high-pressure hose system (stainless steel) that feeds grease to the roller bearings and the rotating shaft. CALS is controlled by a central controller with a suitably designed program.


High level of automatic work control

The pellet mill and all machines are equipped with a full set of sensors that continuously monitor the status of individual subunits in the line. Thanks to them, our Automatic Pellet Mill Control System (AIAC) allows for fully automatic and safe operation of the pellet mill, and AIAC controls the entire factory. We recommend extending the factory's functionality with ATEX solutions.


Sensors and parameters monitored automatically:

• belt slip sensor,

• temperature sensor of roller bearings,

• temperature sensor of the main bearing of the rotating shaft,

• central lubrication sensor,

• temperature sensor of the raw material,

• pellets temperature sensor,

• lack of feed sensor, below the rollers,

• temperature sensor of bearings of main engines,

• optional sensor of the moment of pressing force of the rolls to the die.


Automation functions

• protection against current overload,

• protection against blocking the conditioner by the raw material,

• protection against the lack of automatic lubrication,

• overheating protection of rotary shaft bearings and roller bearings,

• protection against lack of medium in the tank (cutting off steam or water),

• protection against excessive increase of pellets temperature,

• protection against slipping of drive belts of the rotating shaft,

• fire protection,

• controlling the system filling the pellet mill's tank,

• control of the steam / water dosing system and liquid additives,

• optimization of the pellet mill's efficiency,

• controlling the operation of the roller lubricating pump and the main bearing,

• control of slip of main engine belts,

• control of steam temperature, temperature of main rotor bearings and rollers.


Pellet Mill Control Panel - PMCP

Each pellet mill has its own control panel, with an LCD display, used for local work management, without having to go to a remote control room.

The Pellet Mill Control Panel presents the current load of main engines,% of raw material and steam and water supply, roller bearings temperature, raw material temperature at the discharge from the conditioner, pellets temperature at the discharge from the pellet mill’s chamber and pneumatic system pressure.

The panel allows to control the rotation left <> right, Start / Stop conditioner, granulator stop, worm feeder control, steam / water control.

Electrical switchgear for a pellet mill (REG) or a Feed Production Unit (REZ1)

The pellet mill can optionally be delivered with its own electrical switchgear equipped with a controller with our Automatic Pellet Mill Control System (AIAC). The set includes a 10 "or 12" LCD control panel. In the extended version with PC computers (located, for example, in the central control room), the current two-way monitoring of the operating status and remote control is standard.


All GR type pellet mills equipped with REG electric switchgears are activated via Soft-Start. Thanks to it, the starting current is low and there is no risk of penalties from the energy seller related to exceeding the power. Soft-Start extends the lifetime of the drive unit.

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