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Pellet mill NPT GRB1 650.160 up to 2 tph

Our model 650 with a 160kW engine will produce an average of 1.7 - 2.0 t / h pellets from sawdust. At 190A amperage, the average bulk density is 660 kg / m3 with a capacity of 1.9 t/h.

Like all our GR series models, this one is also equipped with a stainless conditioner, inlet into the chamber of the pelleting chamber door and the door. This guarantees decades of durability and savings in operation.

The 160kW engine with IE3 efficiency drives a huge pulley, which torque allows pelleting of difficult raw materials (e.g. beech sawdust) with a power consumption of up to 90kWh/t. This is very low consumption, which is important at current electricity prices.

The ring die with an internal diameter of 650 mm and a properly selected working width guarantees long life of the bearings on the rotary shaft and standing shaft.

For more information please call us or e-mail us.

Pellet mill NPT GRB1 650.160 for biomass and waste
Pellet mill NPT GRB1 650.160 for biomass and waste

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