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Rollers for pellet mills

At NPT in Żnin in Poland we produce rollers for all types of pellet mills with a power from 5.5kW to 600kW and a diameter from 200mm to 500mm.

We use steel type 100Cr6 or similar, intended for the production of consumables with increased abrasion resistance. This is of great importance especially in the production of biomass pellets, which consume roll coats faster than e.g. feed.

The rollers are hardened by the most modern induction method or through in conventional electric furnaces.

If you have an unusual pellet mill, we will also help: we will take dimension from the rollers based on the model sent, we will design and price them.

Rollers for pellet mills with ring and flat die

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About NPT

Our background goes back to the 60s. We design and produce pellet mills and machines for feed mills, biomass pellets factories, biogas plants, pelleting lines for all pelletizable feedstocks. We design turnkey production lines, that include all necessary processes with full automatic control in Industry 4.0 standards. We provide full mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, training, commissioning and after sales support, consumables and spares. All machines are Made in European Union.

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