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QDES.60 - Quick Die Exchange System

Replace a ring die in less than 40 minutes

Rapid Die Replacement


Don't loose your precious time on die exchanging

How important it is to reduce the changeover time of the die know all feed producers who have to change the dies frequently. The Quick Die Exchange  System shortens the time for the granulator to change below one hour. It is a saving of up to 4 hours, which translates into real profits. Therefore, QDES.60 is a mandatory additional equipment for every feed manufacturer

What is QDES.60

QDES.60 is a system of rapid centering and clamping of the die to the rotary shaft. It is realized by means of four fixed centering jaws that fix the position of the die axis with the axis of the rotary shaft and the front plane of the rotary shaft perpendicular to the axis of the rotating shaft.


The die is released from the jaws through the hydraulic pump in a few seconds, after unscrewing only a dozen or so fastening screws.


QDES.60 allows to disassemble the hot die, while maintaining appropriate security measures, without losing time often associated with the need to at least partially cool it down.

Die exchange time for pellet mill for feeds

GRP2 850.320 up to 25 tph

  • With QDES.60: less than 1h

  • Without QDES.60: 6h or more


5 x 25 t/h =

125 tons of feeds



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