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ARGAS: Automatic Roller Gap Adjustment System

Remote gap adjustment between rollers and die

Rollers Adjustment System for Pellet Mills

Efficiency & Economy with ARGAS

Optimal pellet mill performance and durability of the die and rolls

Automatic Roller Gap Adjustment System - ARGAS - is a patented (patent P-405199) by NPT system of remote control of the gap between the rollers and the die from the computer or control panel during the operation of the pellet mill. Our pellet mills for feeds in the GRA2 750 and GRA2 850 series are equipped as standard with ARGAS and in the Automatic Anti-Slip Belt Control System (ASBS) which is part of the Automatic Pellet Mill Control System (AIAC).

ARGAS's features:

  • automatic correction of the gap during the process of abrading the surface of the roll and die without stopping the operation of the granulator

  • optimal performance controlled automatically by the computer,

  • increase in production and reduction of setting time compared to manual control systems that require turning off the pellet mill and restarting,

  • maintenance-free system integrated with a standing shaft provides full protection when changing the size of the gap,

  • very simple and fast method of rollers zeroing,

  • controlled pressure of rollers controlled by a computer,

  • the pressure force measurement system protects the rollers against excessive pressing against the die and destruction of the inlet cones,

  • more efficient use of oversized rolls due to a large adjustment range,

  • an innovative solution in the form of a closed chamber of the ARGAS drive system reduces to a minimum possible leakage of the feed grease,

  • full resistance to damage and mechanical failures due to the robust construction of the whole assembly, integrated in the standing shaft of the pellet mill,

  • lubrication only every 5 - 7 months,

  • after reaching the limit value of the gap size, operators can safely select the feed mixtures, for which ARGAS system parameters have been saved in the recipe database or automatically maintain a certain distance between the roll and the die,

  • recipe database with programmed gap settings.

roller adjustment system for pellet mill

Pellet mills with and without ARGAS

NPT Pellet Mill 850 | Automatic Roller Gap Adjustment
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