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▒ Ring & Flat dies

High durability & low production costs

Nawrocki Pelleting Technology delivers highest quality ring and flat dies from stainless steel for all types of pellet mills and feedstocks.

Each ring die is made of a certified, European steel X46Cr13, which is a standard for professional manufacturers for pelleted feeds and biomass and other feedstocks pellets.


  • Our all dies are made with highest precision guaranteed by CNC mechanical process production and are hardened in modern vacuum furnaces,

  • The repeatability of our quality is the most important trait, which guarantees highest production and operation security for our customers,

  • Ring dies are drilled with gun drill for the desired smoothness of the inner surface of holes,

  • The state-of-the-art gun drilling machines offer the optimal pattern up to the feedstock and pelleting parameters. 

Vacuum hardening for the best performance

The hardening process is the most important stage in production, because the mechanical durability depends on it.

That is why the whole hardening process is performed solely in vacuum furnaces in nitric atmosphere. In the temperature of 1000oC the multistage heating up is computer controlled. 

Due to such a thermal process you get the perfect hardeness on the molecular structure, smoothness on the whole surface and minimal distortions.

That is why our dies get worn evenly and work longer. That's the way for cost reduction.

Dies designed for difficult feedstocks

Ordering dies and other spare parts at Nawrocki Pelleting Technology gives you access to the 40-year experience in pelleting business.

With our expertise we exactly know how to adjust die's parameters do different feedstocks from easy animal feeds and wood and agri biomass, sewage sludges, digestates and ending on plastics and foam.

With our customers we created a huge knowledge database, which combines parameters of tests, long-term practice and a lot of vices from pelleting industry.

This is the best basis for next dies designs, that will suit your capacity and quality requirements.

Optimal pattern and holes number


During the pellets formation the spaces between holes put much resistance. This is the reason for lower capacity and higher power consumption.  

  • It is the unique design, what distinguishes our dies from all others available. 

  • The quality of pellets and the production level is connected with the pellet mill's power and optimal holes pattern.

  • Our holes pattern guarantees the productivity higher by even 20% next to dies with standard dies, with low holes amount.

  • The perfected angle of inlet cones combined with the hole design reduce the feedstock-hole friction rate. Moreover the power consumption and the risk of  pelleting chamber blocking drop down.

Check our dies and experience longer longevity and capacity.

Flat dies

We produce flat dies for most types of pellet mills up to 790 mm of the outer diameter. Moreover we manufacture spare parts like rollers supports (for 2, 3 and 4 rollers), rotating shafts, seals, rings and sleeves. 

The parameters of our productions possibilities:

  • outer diameter: max 790 mm,

  • holes diameters: from 2,2 mm to 20 mm,

  • holes working length: from 15 mm to 180 mm,

  • steel: stainless or black

For more information and prices please contact us at

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