⁙ XLD Roller shells and complete rollers for all pellet mills

Extended Life & Durability Roller Shells


The XLD Roller Shells from Nawrocki Pelleting Technology are the effect of the 40-year experience in pelleting technologies and perfect mechanical and thermic processing.


We produce and deliver roller shells, complete rollers and accessories for all, also the largest types of pellet mills.


Our rollers are designed for pellet mills with manual and remote gap adjustment for ring and flat die pellet mills.

We manufacture rollers with all most popular corrugation types. 

Rollers quality control system


All rollers and accessories manufactured by Nawrocki Pelleting Technology are checked at a multilevel control process. Each roller shells has an unique number, which identifies the steel source and production parameters.

The quality control covers the hardeness of inner and outer surface, all dimensions and the smoothness of the polished inner surface.

Our long list of users guarantees our quality, delivery time and conditions.

Sizes & Parameters 

  • Size: diameter from 100mm up to 600mm,

  • Induction hardening down to 6mm,

  • Conventional hardening through, 

  • Hardeness: max 62 HRc (adjusted to Customers' demands),

  • Surface: arc, dimpled, corrugated (open or closed end),

    helical 5o, mixed,

  • Special rollers with individual track and shape

Hardening is the key


We use two hardening methods: conventional through or induction.

Depending on the steel type we reach up to 62 HRc, which is more than enough for any application. 

We use high-end induction furnace designed for deep-in hardening down to 6 mm, which is 200% deeper than our competition. The CNC hardening process was designed with our expertise to achieve the best and optimal hardening characteristic. 

Oversized & Customized XLD Rollers 

Refurbished dies may require rollers shells with a bigger outer diameter- oversized rollers.They are necessary to adjust the gap when the inner diameter of a refurbished die was reduced.

The diameter of oversized rollers is fixed, but it is possible to manufacture rollers with individual dimensions.​

We may design and produce rollers with any working surface shape according to your feedstock or work conditions.

We make rollers with wider or narrower track, bigger or smaller gaps between teeth (notches) or dimples. We can also modify the depth of incisions and hardeness.



Contact now our Sales Department for the best offer and delivery conditions. We will answer all your questions and advise the most optimal solution.​

Rollers refurbishing

We believe, that only the complex servicing ensures the highest quality and shortest delivery time. That is why next to roller shells we manufacture also eccentric shafts, covers, seals and bearings. 

We offer the full range of service for rollers refurbishing with technical control of the subassemblies and bearings.

If required, we replace worn parts with new ones and we will return complete rollers to the original state - just like original and new. 

The refurbished complete roller is checked for assembly correctness, greased and it is ready to use. The worn parts are scrapped or returned the the owner.

For complete roller shells we recommend bearings from SKF, FAG, Nachi for highest durability and quality. We have in offer also less expensive bearings.

Accessories for any complete rollers 

We manufacture any subassembly for any roller for all types of pellet mills.

For more details, prices and delivery conditions please contact us. 

About NPT

Our background goes back to the 60s. We design and produce pellet mills and machines for feed mills, biomass pellets factories, biogas plants, pelleting lines for all pelletizable feedstocks. We design turnkey production lines, that include all necessary processes with full automatic control in Industry 4.0 standards. We provide full mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, training, commissioning and after sales support, consumables and spares. All machines are Made in European Union.

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