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Project becomes product


At Nawrocki Pelleting Technology Ltd. you will get the full range of services leading to successful end with a bespoken technology, which suits your requirements best.

From the very beginning of the contact we move through a detailed procedure, which at the end, perfectly describes the range of delivery of the performance and efficiency optimized technology.

We deliver the following:

  • technological project,

  • civil projects and works,

  • machinery of all subsystems,

  • automatic control software development,

  • optimal performance audits,

  • service & maintenance,

  • trainings, consulting, adjustment.

Pre- and aftersales Customer Services


At every stage of Customer Service we serve with our in-depth knowledge and perfect technology customisation

  • requirements recognition,

  • contact with top experts,

  • implementing of the best practices,

  • optimal choice of machines and solutions

  • full integration of machines and automation,

  • 24/7 aftersales technical support,

  • spare parts delivery in 10 days or less,

  • training on demand for new operators, 

  • periodical machinery audit,

  • performance monitoring.


Repair service


When a problem occurs we quickly help our Customers in very friendly manner. Parts and spares for our machinery are made in-house and we can access them at once. Usually we begin repairing the next business day, and in special cases even on holidays.

Our online control system offers a phone or internet connection to our experts, which can solve most of the problems in a very short time. Moreover we are able to adjust a vital work parameters of all machines and production systems remotely, what significantly reduces the response time. 



Training is the most crucial stage of the project for the staff to work safely and with the expected productivity. We train your operators before the commissioning, so they start ready to work.

In-house training​

  • theory of technology,

  • influence of feedstock on productivity,

  • introduction of TPM,

  • training in our pilot plant.

On-site training

  • operating of machines,

  • control system and visu,

  • practical exploitation.

Maintenance - planned and periodical


Periodical and planned maintenance is the best way to extend machine's lifetime, operate at highest productivity and keep operators' safety at the highest level.

We offer a maintenance of single machines or production lines for the highest availability and productivity. Usually we do it in a 3000h or 6 months time period. 

Along with our service we recommend implementing of any maintenance system like TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), which is one of the lean management for highest productivity of machines. We offer TPM trainings with our Partners, who have a huge experience in many industry sectors.

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