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SRSU: High quality steam means the same for your feeds

NPT designs and manufactures effective pre-treatment systems for feeds and other raw materials. The Steam Reduction and Stabilization Unit (SRSU) is supplied with process steam from a steam boiler or steam generator. The recommended steam temperature from the boiler should be in the range 172oC - 182oC (which corresponds to a pressure of 8.5 - 9.5 bar). 

High animal feeds quality

  • animal feeds are heated up to a temperature of up to 90oC,

  • AIAC program blocks the temperature for recipes requiring lower temperatures (eg. for enzymes),

  • full homogeneity thanks to integration with dedicated KD conditioners,

  • better physical parameters of feed (mechanical strength) and nutritional (gelatinization, microbial removal).

Automatic dozing and work

  • automatic control of the amount of steam as a function of the granulator's efficiency (AIAC),

  • possibility of manual adjustment of the amount of steam (from the LCD panel - PMCP),

  • full integration with the feed sterilization system or other thermal feed processing system,

  • integration with measuring instruments installed in the conditioner and sterilizer in order to maintain optimal parameters of feed temperature.

Construction of the SRSU

  • The highest quality and effectiveness of an automatic valve controlled by AIAC,

  • Construction: flanged shut-off valves, filter with strainer, pressure gauges before and after reduction, temperature measurement of entering and reduced steam, manual reduction valve, reducer buffer tank, pressure measurement after reduction, automatic steam control valve, compressed air reducer, flange compensator condensate water separators

  • By-pass: installed as standard to allow operation in the event of failure of the automatic valve

  • Bimetallic dehydrators with a double condensate separation system,

  • Flanged compensator,

  • Insulation: mineral wool with an aluminum jacket as standard

  • Condensate tank with a pump (optional).

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